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Progress Link Training & Consultancy was established in 2004 as a registered training provider with HRDF and has since trained hundreds of companies and conducted thousands of  training sessions

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Challenging times provide new opportunities for innovation

Innovation refers to creation of new values that people are seeking and willing to pay for it. In absence of innovation, your business will not move forward, and simply won’t be able to compete in near future when others players are continuously moving ahead.

Investing in innovation is not a luxury but it’s today’s necessity to keep your business running. Innovation will enable your business to thrive during the good times but will prepare you to survive tough times. Prioritizing innovation as a new strategy to improve productivity and efficiency is the way to survive in these turbulent times and your core business competitively moving forward.

Innovation training is to help in getting the right mindset for employees to make innovation happen by enhancing their creative potential. Participants should acquire new skills for innovation at work in line with the organisation’s innovative strategies. Innovation training is different from other conventional training programs that focus on employees curiosity and helps them turn problems into opportunities.

In today’s uncertain and rapidly changing  business environment, companies must be agile to react to changes. Innovation emerges during challenging times and provides new opportunities. Employees must foster a culture of creativity by using their critical thinking skills to make innovation happen.

 – Benedict Bay                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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