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Progress Link Training & Consultancy was established in 2004 as a registered training provider with HRDF and has since trained hundreds of companies and conducted thousands of  training sessions

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In-Company Training Programs




Leadership training offers a transformative experience that empowers leaders to adopt innovative perspectives, develop essential skills, and drive business excellence. Our robust leadership programs deliver enduring impacts within your organization. We prioritize an in-depth understanding of your specific industry and business, allowing us to tailor leadership training solutions that offer practical, customized strategies for your company’s success.


  • Navigating the Future: Mastering 21st Century Leadership Skill
  • Transformative and Visionary Leadership Skills
  • The New Managers: Managerial Skills For Success
  • Effective Leadership Training for Managers
  • Effective Supervisory Leadership Skills
  • Leading High Performing Remote Teams
  • Mindful Leadership Training
  • Essential Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Kemahiran Penting Untuk Ketua Operator
  • Kursus Motivasi & Kemahiran Kepimpinan Untuk Penyelia


Unlock your team’s full potential with our customized team-building program. Our motivational gurus inspire audiences with compelling narratives of triumph, resilience, and self-enhancement through immersive exercises, activities, and motivational strategies that metamorphose individuals into exceptionally effective and cooperative teams. Our program fosters communication, trust, and collaboration skills within the team, effectively bridging any existing gaps in unity. The team kindled a renewed sense of motivation, prompting individuals to reconnect with the bigger picture and recognize the significance of their roles in pursuing excellence while collaboratively revitalizing the company’s objectives.



  • Building High-Performance Team and Dynamic Team
  • Building High-Performance Team and Synergetic Team
  • Building Sustainable High-Performance Team
  • Exploring Team Dynamics: Scavenger Hunt Team Building
  • Discovering Teamwork: Scavenger Hunt Adventures
  • Treasure Trove Team Building: Unearth Team Potential
  • Discovering Team Synergy: Treasure Hunt Challenge



Enhancing interpersonal skills is paramount for effective decision-making, problem-solving, and fostering harmonious work relationships. Improved communication skills are the linchpin, enabling mutual comprehension and synergy among employees, and facilitating the achievement of organizational objectives. Our interactive training programs empower participants to delve deeply into refining their interpersonal and communication abilities. This comprehensive approach instils the confidence needed to navigate diverse challenges and high-pressure situations adeptly. Elevate your workforce’s competencies through our specialised courses, equipping them to excel in an increasingly dynamic and collaborative business landscape.



  • Enhancing Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Communication Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills at the Workplace
  • Mastering High Impact Communication & Presentation Skills at the Workplace
  • Train The Trainer: The Art of Training Delivery Skills
  • Persuasive & Assertive Communication Skills
  • The Art Of Persuasion Skills For Sales Personnel
  • Essential Negotiation Skills in Procurement
  • Mastering the Art of Powerful Negotiation
  • Negotiation Leadership: Empower Your Deals
  • Powerful Marketing Mindset and Strategies for Greater Sales Success
  • Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace
  • Managing Difficult People and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • The Art of Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Customer Service Excellence Workshop
  • Effective Strategies for Handling Customer Complaints
  • Advanced Techniques for Managing Customer Feedback
  • Boosting Customer Relations through Telephone Etiquette
  • Applied NLP at Work / People Personalities Discovery Tools (PPDT) Using NLP
  • Mastering the Art of Productive Meetings
  • Kemahiran Berkomunikasi & Penyampaian Berkesan
  • Program Kecemerlangan Perkhidmatan Pelanggan



Motivational training stands as a cornerstone of contemporary business success. It serves as the catalyst empowering managers to inspire and cultivate champions within their teams since disengagement can spell the downfall of organizations. Rapid innovations and market shifts necessitate adaptability, a trait invaluable to both employers and employees. Flexibility, a linchpin in change management, enables swift adjustments in response to the unpredictable nature of change. This adaptability is pivotal for achieving success. In this context, motivation takes centre stage, fueling engagement and facilitating alignment with evolving scenarios, and becomes the driving force behind devising effective solutions. Elevate your business’s potential by enrolling in our motivational training course, where success is forged through adaptability, inspiration, and resilience.


  • Mind Mastery for Peak Performance
  • Sales Force Motivation & Strategies
  • Powerful Marketing Mindset and Strategies for Greater Sales Success
  • Corporate Etiquette and Professional Image Development Workshop
  • Managing and Motivating Difficult Employees at the Workplace
  • Managing Change In the Workplace
  • Adaptability Skills for Workplace Success
  • Managing Stress & and Increasing Performance
  • Time & Workload Management Skills
  • Marketing for Non-Marketing Executives
  • Finance for Non-Finance Managers & Executives
  • Menangani Perubahan di dalam Organisasi
  • Pembangunan Potensi Diri & Motivasi Kerja
  • Kursus Pemikiran Analitikal Dan Kreatif
  • Program Kemahiran Pengurusan Masa Dan Beban Kerja
  • Sikap Kerja Positif
problem solving



Elevating problem-solving and decision-making skills is imperative for employees seeking to navigate high-pressure work environments effectively. In today’s fast-paced world, these abilities are essential for managing stress and ensuring success. Many individuals acquire these skills through trial and error, often lacking formal training. Our unique workshop-style programs offer an immersive and hands-on approach, empowering participants to sharpen their problem-solving and decision-making prowess. Don’t leave your team’s performance to chance. Invest in our training programs to equip your employees with the expertise they need to thrive in high-pressure situations and drive success for your organisation.


  • Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing / Lean Six Sigma
  • 7 Quality Control Tools (7QC Tools)
  • The Seven Principles of Quality Management
  • 8D Problem-Solving Process Tool
  • Effective Problem-Solving and Decision Making
  • Root Cause Corrective Action Training (RCCA)
  • Kaizen: A Strategy for Continuous Improvement
  • Gemba Kaizen
  • 5S Implementation for Productivity Improvement
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Geometric Dimension and Tolerance (GD&T)
  • Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility Study (GR&R)
  • Statistical Process Control Charts (SPC)
  • Poka Yoke
  • Effective Jigs & Fixture Design
  • Precision Maintenance Training
  • Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Implementation Of Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Effective Preventive Maintenance Implementation: Roadmap to Maintenance Excellence
  • Technical Troubleshooting & Decision-Making for Effective Maintenance Towards Zero Losses
human resource



Equip your HR department with essential knowledge, skills, and techniques for effective HR functions. Compliance and audits are vital; HR personnel must stay current on employment regulations and HR best practices to avoid fines and legal issues. Ethical programs establish preferred values, aligning organisational behaviour and policies. A proficient HR team maximizes employee potential, bolstering your company’s success. Our comprehensive HR training ensures compliance, ethical conduct, and enhanced management policies. Elevate your organization’s performance through strategic HR development.


  • Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
  • Managing Human Capital and Positive Work Ethics
  • Total Quality Management In Workplace (TQM)
  • Training Needs Analysis & Evaluate Training Effectiveness Workshop
  • Effective & Objectively Driven Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Effective Interviewing & Selection Skills
  • Behavioural Interview and Selection Techniques
  • Effective Management and Appraisal Of Performance
  • Corporate Liability Provision Under Section 17A MACC Act 2009
  • Understanding Of Employment Act 1955, Related Laws & Regulations
  • Understanding The Labour Laws & Grievance Procedures
  • Managing Of Discipline & Misconduct At The Workplace
  • Managing Discipline and Domestic Inquiry
  • Climate-Related Financial Disclosures Awareness Workshop
  • Environmental Aspect And Impact Training
  • Environmental, Social & Governance Management Training (ESG)
  • Responsible Business Alliance (Version 7.0) Awareness & Implementation

safety & health



Effective hazard recognition and proactive identification are vital for preventing workplace injuries and illnesses. Fostering a robust health and safety culture hinges on consistently identifying and assessing potential hazards. Our training courses equip employees with the essential skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to excel in the safety and health aspects of their roles. Beyond traditional classroom settings, our dynamic worksite demonstrations offer hands-on experiences that reinforce safety concepts, enhance hazard understanding, and encourage best practices. Join us to empower your workforce with the competence and confidence to anticipate, mitigate, and ultimately avoid workplace hazards, ensuring a safer, healthier work environment.


  • Introduction To Occupational Safety & Health Management
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Determining Control (HIRADC)
  • Risk Management Awareness Workshop
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • 6S Workplace Lean (5S + Safety)
  • Prinsip & Perlaksanaan 6S (5S + Safety)
  • Workplace Ergonomics & Manual Handling Techniques
  • Working At Height Safety & Competency Awareness Training
  • Workplace Emergency Preparedness and Response Training
  • Safety & Health Committee Excellence: Tools & Techniques
  • Effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Training
  • Fire Fighting Management and Prevention Training
  • Comprehensive First Aid and CPR at the Workplace
  • Chemical Emergency Response & Spill Control
  • Safe Handling Of Hazardous Chemicals at The Workplace
  • Scheduled Wastes Management
  • Electrical Safety Awareness at Workplace
  • Logout Tagout (LOTO) in Electrical Safety
  • Environmental Awareness & Legal, RoHS & Schedule Waste Management
  • Occupational Safety & Health (Noise Exposure) Regulations 2019 Hearing Conservation
  • Defensive Driving Training
  • Amalan Menunggang dan Memandu Yang Selamat
  • Latihan Praktikal Pengendalian Overhead Crane
  • Kursus Pengendalian & Keselamatan Forklift/ Reach Truck/ Shovel/ Excavator (Komprehensif / Penyegaran)



ISO Management System Standards (MSS) are the foundation for organizational excellence, offering a roadmap to elevate performance. These standards instill a culture of continuous improvement, where every employee plays a pivotal role. Our training course equips your team at all levels with the knowledge and skills to align with ISO standards, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality products and compliance with evolving customer demands. Through comprehensive training, we foster heightened employee awareness and ignite management leadership and commitment. Join us to harness the power of ISO MSS and steer your organization toward a future of sustained success in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

The following topics are available in multiple modules, which include Awareness Training, Implementation Training, and Internal Auditor Training:-

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management(BCM)
  • ISO 13485:2016 Medical Devices QMS- Requirements for regulatory purposes
  • ISO 14971:2019 Medical devices – Risk management to medical devices
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • ISO 26000: 2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • ISO 27001:2022 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
  • ISO 29001:2020 QMS for petroleum, petrochemical & natural gas industries
  • ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS)
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&S)
  • IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management System
  • TL9000 QMS for Telecommunications
  • SA 8000 Social Accountability
  • BRC Food Safety Management System
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • MS 1480:2019 Food Safety according to HACCP System
  • MS 1514 Good Manufacturing Practices for Food
  • FSSC 22000 Food Safety System
supply chain



In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, supply chain management has become increasingly complex, encompassing a network of diverse organisations with varying objectives. The continuous advancement of technology further accelerates these transformations, making it imperative to adapt swiftly. Navigating and optimising supply chains in this dynamic environment can pose significant challenges. Embracing these changes is essential and a strategic imperative for businesses aiming for success. To ensure that your supply chain operates at its peak performance, comprehensive training for your employees is paramount. Our specialised training courses cover all facets of supply chain management, equipping your team with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this ever-changing ecosystem.


  • Mastering Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Strategy & Design
  • Supply Chain Management Awareness, Strategies & Integration
  • Strategic Fit in Supply Chain Management
  • Import/Export Documentation & Shipping Procedures
  • Shipping Cost Reduction Strategy
  • C-TPAT Awareness And Implementation Training
  • Mastering Incoterms 2020
  • Contemporary Supplier Management Skills
  • Managing Warehouse As An Efficient Distribution Centre
  • Managing And Optimising Spare Parts Inventory
  • Optimising Supply Chain Resilience Through Enhanced Inventory Management



Elevating language proficiency and honing effective writing skills among employees yields substantial advantages for both your organization and its workforce. These skills empower employees to engage effectively with new and prospective customers, offering a significant competitive edge.


Equally vital is the development of computer-based communication expertise, facilitating seamless interactions with colleagues and external partners. Proficiency in relevant software enhances operational efficiency, thereby boosting overall productivity. Unlock the potential of your workforce through our comprehensive training program, fostering superior communication skills and technological acumen.


  • Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills
  • Technical Report Writing Program
  • English Language And Writing Skills At Workplace For Trainers, Senior Operators And Line Leaders
  • Analysing Data With Microsoft Power BI
  • Analytical Thinking & Data Analysis Training
  • Microsoft Excel – Basic To Intermediate
  • Microsoft Excel- Intermediate To Advanced
  • Data Analysis And Dashboarding With Microsoft Excel
  • Mastering Microsoft Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Advanced WPS Sheets Training
  • Microsoft Project Beginner To Intermediate

All training courses are eligible for HRD Corp claims through the SBL Khas Scheme.

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