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Progress Link Training & Consultancy was established in 2004 as a registered training provider with HRDF and has since trained hundreds of companies and conducted thousands of  training sessions

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Nurturing your employees through training helps to increase revenue, accelerate sales growth and higher productivity. Companies that engaged in employee development experienced profits double compared to companies that didn’t engage at all.

The most valuable asset: EMPLOYEES

The most important asset that any companies have is their employees and investing in talent is vital for business growth and success. Many companies go through a great effort to recruit and hire the suitable candidate into the organisation, however often take for granted and employees development stops there. Employees contribute most in every part of the business. Profits and performance are directly linked to overall performance of the whole workforce and enables businesses to achieve its aims and objectives.

Nurture your assets : THROUGH TRAINING

Every employee contributes their own knowledge and experience to the organisations they work for. The job of training managers isn’t just to organise training but must know how to select the program so that each training is optimize and can effectively marrying an employee’s existing knowledge to improve their existing skills according to the business direction and goals. To nurture the employee is to work with the them to identify what training is going to position them to be most successful not only for the job now but their career development. 

Many employees join their organizations not just to have a job but to develop a career. Employees are motivated to work if there are opportunities for career advancement. Training helps employees realize their goals by learning new skills that helps them to 

develop higher-level managerial skills they can use down the line. 

Motivated asset put into action: PRODUCE EXCELLENT RESULTS

Training helps employees understand how their job fits into their company’s direction and goals. As a result, employees become more confident and motivated about their work as they understand what they do matters to the success of the organization. Motivation employees are excited about their jobs and have the desire to strive for better work quality and outcomes. 

Quality training can improve your employees’s performance to increase customer satisfaction and therefore will boost profits for your company. Investing in your people by nurturing them through effective training is one of the best business decisions you could ever make to produce excellent results.

–  Benedict Bay

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