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Progress Link Training & Consultancy was established in 2004 as a registered training provider with HRDF and has since trained hundreds of companies and conducted thousands of  training sessions

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We provide in-company training and public programs on the following:

Leadership Skills

Leadership training will equip leaders with inspiring new ways of thinking, building critical capabilities and unleashing business success with their people and their careers.

Team Engagement & Development

Through a series of fun exercises, activities and motivational approaches, you can often take a group of individuals and turn them into an efficient, effective team by improving communication ...

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

In addition to employees competencies and abilities, improved interpersonal skills is the key to better decision making, problem-solving and understanding views of others to maintain good relationship...

Motivation & Change Management

Motivational training today is important for the success of any business. Motivation is what enable busy managers successfully motivate and create champions in their team. Disengaged employees cost ...

Problem Solving Skills & Tools

Problem solving and decision making are critical skills to employees to gain the insight on how to manage the stress that comes with working under pressure, and those who want to develop or refine ...

Human Resource & Work Ethic

Human Resource department need to equip themselves with appropriate knowledge, skills and techniques to perform effective human resource functions and responsibilities in an organization.

Safety & Health Programs

One of the root cause of workplace injuries or illnesses is the failure to identify or recognize hazards that are present within the premise which could have been anticipated and avoid.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a complex systems involving multiple organizations with different objectives and goals. With the swift advancing technology, it is driving the fast change of supply chain...

Management System Standards Programs

Employees at all levels should be trained to meet the organization’s commitment to supply products of a required quality and compliance in a rapidly changing market place where customers' demand ...

Language and Report Writing

Language training and effective writing skills for employees brings an abundance of benefits for both your company and employees to have the ability to communicate with new and potential customers ...


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